Meal Planning and Packages

Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail”

No two clients are the same. I offer a range of meal planning services and packages to suit everyone’s needs. The 3 most popular programs are detailed below. If you have a specific health goal in mind that is not covered by one of these plans, I can customise an individualised plan for you, and encourage you to achieve them.  You will receive my full support throughout the program, including unlimited email and sms communication, and all resources to make compliance to the program as simple and easy as possible.


If there’s a program you are interested and would like to utilise a payment plan option,  hit the contact button now and get in touch!



12 week program

This program is perfect for someone with very specific goals, be it for fitness or physique. It’s ideal for a focused and driven client who is ready and keen to succeed.

What’s Involved……

Month 1

  • Dietary and Lifestyle assessment and goal setting session (up to 60 mins)
  • Fully personalised 30 day meal plan including all recipes
  • Unlimited email and sms , fortnightly Skype, or phone call or “meet up” sessions for the first 4 weeks to discuss progress (30 mins max.)
  • Meal Plan review at 4 weeks

Month 2 and 3

  • Fortnightly Skype call, phone call or “meet up” session to discuss progress (30 mins max.)
  • Monthly meal plan reviews.


(Supplementation is additional)

Healthy Beginnings

Single Session 45-60 mins max

In this one off session you will learn the basics of whole food nutrition and how to incorporate it into you meals. It is an informative session where you will learn the ins and outs of starting a new healthy lifestyle.

What’s Involved

  • Personal food diary assessment
  • General information regarding clean eating, macro and micro nutrients, body types, alkalinity, calorie loads and requirements, nutrient timing and water intake.
  • 20 recipes (including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and beverages)


(Supplementation is additional)

Goal Seekers


8 week program

This program is aimed at those looking to gain knowledge and the confidence to correctly fuel their bodies, and achieve a desired result. It is the perfect place to educate yourself, and make a sustainable healthy lifestyle change.

What’s Involved……

  • Dietary and Lifestyle assessment and goal setting session (up to 60 mins)
  • Recommendations for macro split depending on personal goals and body type
  • Unlimited email and sms support
  • Fortnightly Skype, phone call or “meet up” appointments to discuss progress (30 mins max.)
  • 35+ recipes (including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snack and beverages)


(Supplementation is additional)

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