Bio-Compatibilty Hair Testing

Did you know that foods and household products could affect cellular function?


There is an old saying, “Food is your best medicine”. Biocompatibility is about tests over 600 foods and household products to determine if they are compatible with YOUR body’s needs, to help improve cellular function, and therefore helping your body’s NATURAL repair processes.


A simple hair analysis can reveal which foods and household products are compatible or incompatible with your body.


Often times it is foods we have been eating regularly for a really long time that could be causing the symptoms. This test is perfect for those who have made the connection with foods, household and personal products being the trigger but can’t quite work out which ones they are. If you have digestive issues such and bloating, reflux or heartburn, diarrhoea and constipation, skin complaints such as eczema, psoriasis and acne, fatigue, brain fog and poor sleep, or even aches and pains and inflammatory conditions, then this test is perfect to find out what could be contributing to your problems.

Investment: $279 plus consultation fees


My name is Amanda Martindale and I am the face behind Inner Fit Nutrition, a Nutrition Clinic located in Bunbury. My role is to encourage and guide you to better health and performance through healthy nutritious eating.

You can see me online or face to face in my Bunbury, WA Clinic and can book in by following the link to the booking page here.


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Address: Suite 5, 21 Victoria Street,

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