Low Tox Living- Where to Start!

We have all heard the benefits of reducing chemical exposure via the foods we eat, and it's literally in our faces every time we step into the supermarket...... "No added colours, flavours or preservatives", "Organic", "Spray free veges", "made from Natural...

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Superfood Smoothie Bowl

Superfood Smoothie Bowl Smoothie bowls have been in the spotlight for some time now, and for good reason. They are super tasty, easy to prepare, and you can pretty much make up any flavour combination you like! My daughter LOVES to create her own for breakfast and...

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Beating the Winter Blues

BEATING THE WINTER BLUES With summer quickly departing and winter on its way, now is the time to start thinking about giving your body a well earned rest and reset ready to take on the winter months. Like many, I happily overindulged over the warm summer months with...

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Staying Fit and Healthy When On Holiday

Let's face it, the first thing you often want to do when on holiday, particularly somewhere tropical, is overindulge on cocktails, poolside snacks and extravagant meal! But you don't need to fall completely off the wagon when you are on vacation. I have been fortunate...

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