Something I have been wanting to talk about for some time now is the impact that a life coach can have on your life.

I am very fortunate to have a super special lady in my life who has been a breath of fresh air when I have felt like there was no air left to BREATHE! Enter Michelle House, founder of SoulBound, a life and connection coach.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Michelle for a couple of years, but it was time I dug deep with her and got to the core of why I was feeling the way I was, at a time that was meant to be exciting, exhilarating and full of purpose. Without boring you with the nitty gritty details of what life was throwing at me, let’s just say, my head was in a place I never wanted or intended it to go!

Michelle brought things to the surface and made me realise things I never thought were an issue, what these feelings were actually trying to teach me, and how I needed to honour and develop from them. Her approach is nurturing, while being thought provoking and enlightening. I want to share Michelle with you all, and when I asked her if she would join me for a chat, she was all for it……

A: Firstly, thanks so much Michelle for sharing your story and wisdom with us all today.

M: My absolute pleasure!

A:I would love to know a little bit about your journey creating SoulBound. What drove you to become a Life and Connection coach?

M: It was definitely a personal journey that blossomed into so much more. After years of experiencing abuse in many forms and aspects of my life, I realised that empowerment would come from healing my relationship with myself.So I throw myself in to all the personal development, energy work and coaching I could get my hands on. Authentic expression is huge in my book so I put myself out there. I blogged. Did videos. Ran workshops and really found people responding with such gratitude to being provided a safe and open space to be themselves. It has really just evolved from my heart.

A:For those that aren’t familiar with life coaching, can you explain what it is you do, who would benefit from life coaching, and how it can influence people to live a more fulfilled life?

M: My style is coaching is quite holistic (every coach and coaching institute has it’s flavour) and encompasses elements of woo-woo/spirituality principles as well. A basic need for humans is connection. To each other and to our environment, but it all stems from our connection to ourselves. Our western individualistic culture doesn’t always support this basic need. With technology and social conformity many of us live lives through the eyes of others and how we feel we should be.My coaching is all about undoing the social and environmental conditioning and allowing you to see yourself often for the first time. It deep and transformative and creates a self love and freedom most often only read about.

A: How is your specific type of life coaching different to say a health coach, nutritionist, personal trainer or counsellor?

M:Coaching per say is about proactivity. Moving from where you are to where you want to be in the quickest most efficient time possible. Traditional therapy is often a slower process that allows months and sometimes years of trust building, expression and emotional processing.What I aim to do is combine the two approaches. With real world practicality and information along with spiritual principles that enable us to really drop into our body and emotions. Many of us “know” on an intellectual level what we need. And we have access to information on tap. Many struggle to actually incorporate that information to actually create true lasting change. That’s where I come in. To show you the power you have within yourself to create the life you truly want to live. By creating an understanding of self that far transcends the intellectual mind. You wont just “know” it. You will FEEL it.

A: What are the most common issues people have presented with for coaching?

M: Coaching is such a vast industry that can be applied to any area really. I strongly believe we attract those to us that we can be support from our own experiences. Due to this, I find I attract clients who have or are experiencing depression, anxiety, post trauma situations or have been doing the self work for years but still feel like something is missing. That thing is usually a belief that something outside of them is going to “fix” them and make their life ‘better’. I will bring you back to you every. single. time.

A: I’m sure you have an awesome vision in mind for SoulBound, and where you plan on taking your business in the years to come,  would you mind sharing that with us?

M: I am a big vision girl for sure and see the massive scope for men, women and children in the work that I do. I currently work predominantly one to one and have a 12 week online program called SoulFULL In Twelve that has been creating amazing changes for the women who have been a part of it. This year I am working on some programs to run with teenagers within the schooling system and I have put a strong intention out to be working more with men and am currently talking with a few men groups to see how this could evolve. For me SoulBound is about bringing it back to community. Sharing our knowledge and skills through the generations and allowing safe spaces for people to come together, share, laugh, cry, connect and ultimately been seen and loved for just being their true selves.

That is really all any of us want ever.

A: Thanks so much Michelle for taking the time to chat with me today, I really appreciate it.

M: Thank you gorgeous! Love you, your work and your whole ethos! 

You can contact Michelle on Instagram or Facebook and via her website, so go show her some love!




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