We have all heard the benefits of reducing chemical exposure via the foods we eat, and it’s literally in our faces every time we step into the supermarket…… “No added colours, flavours or preservatives”, “Organic”, “Spray free veges”, “made from Natural Ingredients”. The education on what these harmful chemicals are doing to our bodies is becoming more readily available and people are SLOWLY starting to take heed and listen. The same has been the case with our household and personal products. Consumers are becoming more aware that they wreak havoc on our bodies, yet they still seem to think that because they aren’t ingesting these chemical storms by way of mouth, that they aren’t absorbing them.

In clinic, I always ask my clients about their chemical exposure, in particular women, as many have hormonal imbalances that are directly influenced  by their personal product use. There are many natural solutions available to use as an alternative to the chemical products available in the supermarket. From cleaning products to body lotions, washing powders to oven cleaners, and even foundations and mascaras. If you were to sit and write down all of the personal and household products you use on a day to day basis, you would be astounded at the sheer quantity of chemicals you are exposing yourself every single day.

The environment in which we live is already toxic enough, we don’t need to be contributing to this further with intentional exposure!

So where do you start when it comes to swapping out your favourites like bleach and spray and wipe, body lotion and perfume or dish washing tablets laundry powder? How is it we can support our bodies better using natural toxic free products, that work just as well, or if not more effectively, than the chemical laden ones, yet don’t pose a threat to our overall health and wellness?

Enter the gorgeous Emma from Low Tox Mumma.

Emma has an effervescent passion for all things Low Tox, and aspires to educate the masses on the many benefits and ease in which it is to live a low tox life. I was very fortunate to have a chat with Emma regarding her experiences which led her to starting her Low Tox business.

Here’s what she had to say….

A: Emma, firstly, thanks for taking the time to chat with me. I’d love to know what steered you down this path of low tox living.

E: Thank you Amanda, it really is a pleasure to share with likeminded people.  Well, it all started for me 3 years ago.  I had a checklist of things I wanted to better support.  I went along to a class held locally with the intention of learning more about Essential oils and how I could create a Toxic Chemical Free Home.This actually seemed very overwhelming at the time so armed with my checklist I sat and ticked things off as I listened and hoped to implement into our lives. I was inspired that night to learn all I could about going Low Tox. Little did I know the journey I was about to take my family on.

A: You have an amazing business that I can see you are very passionate about, how has Low Tox Mumma developed over this time and what is your main goal or vision, if you like, of your business?

E: I like to call ‘Low Tox Mumma’ my accidental business.  I had no idea at the time that by sharing my journey would inspire others watching on. It started one night after making a few household products and sharing them on my private social media page. I was inundated with questions regarding what I was doing, why I was doing it, if I was selling my creations and how it was they could make them for themselves. It was then I decided to create a platform to share without bombarding my friends and family. Low Tox Mumma was created without very much thought to be honest, It was my journey to going ‘Low Tox’ in whatever capacity that meant and ‘Mumma’ is a term that I have always called myself and my mum friends, hence Low Tox Mumma was born.

My vision has always been to inspire others to take charge while making small steps to create big change. When I decided to incorporate Young Living Essential Oils into my business it really become more about sharing what it was my family did with oils, how they have helped us and ways to incorporate them into our DIY.

A: There are many different essential oil companies available, what was it about Young Living products that you were drawn to?

E: I get asked this question a lot actually and try to keep it as simple as this.  For me at the time, It was all about the SUPPORT…. When I was starting out on my path to going Low Tox, I knew that I would be needing to switch out my current chemical laden items for clean products. I wanted more oils but most of all I wanted to know that I would be supported. I had no idea what I was doing. I was welcomed by a community of likeminded folk who support each other without judgement.  Sharing recipes so openly, refreshing testimonies, event invitations, educational information and success stories. We are all at very different stages but that hasn’t mattered one bit.

On the other hand, after years of using oils I had never experienced such variety. The amount of blends let alone the way they made me feel, blew my mind. I loved the idea of joining forces with a whole wellness company as this journey for us has become so much more than just oils.

A: What has been your most favourite creation or low tox substitute that has become a game changer in your household?

E: Oooh that is a tough one. I am going to say removing synthetic fragrance from our home and simply replacing ‘Fake scent’ with our oils and our diffusers. So easy yet so beneficial for our health. We had candles, we had plug ins, we had sprays, you name it, we had it! People never really commented before but they always comment on how beautiful my home smells now.  We now make and crate air fresheners with a little witch hazel, water and oils, we make perfumes with coconut oil and essential oils, we make linen sprays, ironing sprays, carpet deodorisers, antibacterial sprays in little to know time. We have no need to purchase anything fragranced anymore.

A: What would be the first piece of advice you would give to someone who is looking at changing their current personal and household products, but doesn’t know where to start?

E: My advice would be to tackle one area of your life at a time. For us it was the HOME. I have members who have started with personal care products in the bathroom. Others who wanted to rid toxic cleaning products, others have started a journey to a simpler tox free life by focusing on better supporting emotional wellbeing. We are all different after all.

A: Awesome, where can people find out more about Low Tox Mumma and how to contact you for more help?

E: Sure. You can find me on both Facebook and Instagram over at Low Tox Mumma by Emma Curulli or by calling me on 0411609487.

For those ready to kick start an oily journey with me – Well, I want you to feel just as supported as I do. For this reason,  I have created a community of members we call “Team Second Nature”. This name came about after speaking of a Low Tox lifestyle becoming less overwhelming for us and more like becoming ‘Second Nature’. Once I educate on the basics of using and incorporating Young Living Essential oils and other products into your life, I then join you to our private members only community where you will be inspired to take control and begin to make changes for your family.

For your readers today, I would like to share my Young Living referral link with you. By following the link below you will have access to many oily Starter Kits at a wholesale price, you will be connected with me, receive a welcome pack from me and be given my continuous support.


A: Thanks so much Emma or your time, as always, it’s a pleasure to chat and I hope that people reading reach out and make the first step to living a little more low tox!

E: Thanks Amanda.

You can connect with Emma here on Facebook or here on Instagram, go on… send her some love!


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